Our Work


To pursue our idea of a pluralist economics education, PINE UCM wants to…

  1. Facilitate critical debate on economics and its many branches;
  2. Foster the learning about economic issues in a pluralist context;
  3. Contribute to the diversification of the economic discipline; and
  4. Prepare students to tackle and address pressing challenges of the 21st century.


We set out two practical goals that divide the work of our initiative in two groups.

On the one hand, to foster a critical mindset and debate at UCM among others, we organise…

  • Awareness campaigns, including literature compilation/reader, as well as article(s) in The Bell and other media
  • Guest lectures
  • Reading circles
  • Workshops
  • Symposia

On the other hand, to improve the economics curriculum of UCM, we…

  • assessed the current economics curriculum at UCM (find our assessment report here)
  • designed a new course that would close a gap in the overall economics curriculum at UCM (find our suggestion of a course outline here)
  • suggest improvements for specific courses in collaboration with the Board of Studies and course coordinators
  • request the adaptation of courses available at other faculties of ¬†University Maastricht at UCM (i.e. History of Economic Thought from SBE)