Welcome to PINE UCM

PINE UCM is a student-driven initiative at Maastricht University that wants to foster debate about pluralist economics and improve the economics curriculum in order to include a plurality of perspectives. We are working at University College Maastricht, a Liberal Arts College in the centre of Maastricht.

What we do:

3 main pillars of Pine

  1. Assessment of the current curriculum.
  2. Organizing Events.
    1. Guest lectures
    2. Discussions (Let’s talk about…)
    3. Reading Circles
  3. Organizing the PINE Conference.

Check our upcoming events at the bottom of the page!

4 Arguments for Pluralism

Rethinking economics report

  1. Epistemology: Economics is a social science and social sciences need a pluralistic approach.
  2. Complexity: Complex realities cannot be grasped by only one theory.
  3. Learning: Being academic means being a pluralist.
  4. Liberal Arts: Critical thinking is vital to Liberal Arts and there is a inherent link between critical thinking and pluralism. 

Current Team:


Left: Maurice, Marla, Maxine, Franca, Jonas // Enrico, Max, Martin (missing: Simon, Jonas, Paula)